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Forwarding company Optimus Trade
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Privacy policy

Privacy policy
for users of ""

The current Optimus Trade Ltd. Privacy Policy describes how we use, store and protect your personal information you provide to us regarding the use of our services. This policy is an integral part of the Terms of Use for the Site. If you have any questions or comments about this Policy, you can find our contact information or contact us directly on the contact page.

Please read this Policy carefully before using our services. It is written in the most concrete and clear way, as far as possible, to make it easier for you to read and understand.
• By shopping on our site, you agree to the Policy and expressly acknowledge that you accept it.
• If you do not wish to process your Personal Information in the manner described in the Policy, please do not provide it to us. The provision of Personal Data is voluntary, in order to use the services of our site or to place an order. Your possible refusal to provide the necessary Personal Data to use the services on our site would be a refusal to use the relevant services.
• In certain cases your explicit consent to the processing of Personal Data may not be necessary if another legal basis is available, for example: compliance with the legal obligations of the Administrator; need for contract execution, etc.
• The controlling authority regarding the protection of Personal Data is: Personal Data Protection Commission.

ADMINISTRATOR: Optimus Trade Ltd., UIC 200250657, with headquarters and management address: Varna, PID IGOTO №26, ap87

PERSONAL DATA: Any information relating to an individual who is identified or can be identified, directly or indirectly, by an identification number or by one or more specific features.

PERSONAL DATA PROCESSING: Any action or set of actions that may be performed in relation to Personal Data by automatic or other means, such as collecting, recording, organizing, storing, adapting or modifying, restoring, consulting, using, disclosing or transmitting , disseminating, updating or combining, blocking, deleting or destroying the data

PERSONAL DATA SUBJECT: Any individual whose Personal Data is processed.

Site: is a collection of webpages containing information about  Optimus Trade Ltd. The site has an SSL certificate that provides security and protection of customer-sent data (name, city, address, postal code, phone number, email, other annotations, debit or credit card number, etc.) , so that they can not be intercepted and read by a third party. More details can be found in Chapter 5, Chapter III Personal Data.

1. Types of Personal Data Subjects, Categories of Processed Data, Targets of Processing, Shelf Life
Depending on how people use our site and the services it provides, they fall into several of the areas listed below. Depending on them, the data of the Subjects is processed in separate Personal Data Registries and in each of them the processing may include different categories of data, purposes and grounds, storage periods, protection measures, and so on. The same person may fall into more than one of the listed entities simultaneously. For example, each Registered user is also a Visitor; each User-Buyer is also a Registered User and a Visitor.
A. Visitors
• Visitors are any person who loads a page from into their web browser or visits various sections and pages (whether by entering the email address directly into the browser or by referring to another website or resource).
• Data categories that can be processed: Online identifiers stored in local cookies in the visitor's device / browser; Location information specified by the visitor Country / city data based on the IP address of the user device, an integral part of the information received from each web site; Information on actions performed by the subject on the site; Preferences of the subject regarding specific aspects and settings of the site's functionalities; Information about the type of browser / device used.
• Processing goals: Provide basic and ancillary functions necessary for the correct and complete functioning of the site; Site attendance counting; Providing the necessary conditions for implementing marketing strategy services.
• Storage: Until the expiration of the validity of each cookie (up to 1 year from the time it is recorded), the carrier of the relevant information or its deletion by the entity in whose device / browser it is stored.
• Legal basis for processing: Consent to Policy.

B. Registered users
• A registered user is any Visitor who has made his / her registration on the site by entering an email address and password to create his or her profile or account.
• Data categories that can be processed: Basic mandatory data: Names, E-mail addresses, IP addresses, telephone; Optional User Data: Domicile; Other information: Information about actions taken by the subject on the site, Information about the browser / device used.
• Processing goals: Enabling and enabling the user to register their own account allowing for the use of the site services such as: signing a purchase contract, maintaining a profile.
• Shelf life: 2 years after termination of the registration by the user or by the Administrator if any purchases or requests have been made. If none exist - after the account closure, which in this case is also considered a withdrawal of consent.
• Legal basis for processing: Consent to the Terms of Service for account registration.

C. Consumer-buyers
• User-buyer is any Visitor or Registered user who, through the technical means of the site, performs (or declares that) the conclusion of a Purchase Agreement with Optimus Trade Ltd. for the purpose of purchasing a product from a distance from the site. Finalizing the order is done by the user-buyer in the process of purchase from the site via the "Send" button. This is the last technical step needed to make a purchase from a site that is also considered to be a distance selling.
• Data categories that can be processed: Names, Address, Phone Number, E-mail Address, IP Addresses, Purchase Information, Information about actions performed by the subject on the site.
• Processing goals: Ensure the ability to make purchases through the site, Provide the relevant contractors with information about purchased purchases and buyers needed to complete the contracts and deliver the relevant purchased goods.
• Shelf life: 10 years after the last purchase made by the user-buyer.
• Legal basis for the processing: Execution of a contract with the respective merchant-seller, concluded through the site.
2. Your rights
If we process your Personal Information, you have the following rights you can exercise by submitting an application to the address of the Company quoted above or electronically - by e-mail to or via the contact page .
• Right of access to your personal data: You have the right to receive confirmation from us whether personal data are processed for you and, if so, access to personal data and information.
• Personal data rectification right: If you find that the personal data we process for you are inaccurate, you may require us to correct this personal data.
• Right to delete personal data (the right to be forgotten): In certain circumstances, such as if your personal data is being processed unlawfully or you have withdrawn your consent (if the processing of personal data is based on consent) and there is no reason to continue of your processing, you have the right to request the deletion of your personal data from us.
• Right to object to processing: In certain circumstances, such as if you have a legitimate interest in processing your personal data, you have the right to object, for reasons of your specific situation, to such processing.
• Right to lodge a complaint with a control body: You have the right to complain about the processing of your personal data by us in the relevant control body - the Data Protection Commission.

 3. Joint Data Controllers (for Consumer-Data)
When making a sale between a buyer and a vendor-seller by placing an order online from the buyer's site, this action creates legal relationships directly between the two parties. In the context of these legal relationships and for the purpose of performance of the contract, the Merchant Seller obtains from the Site partial details of the User-buyer (Names, Phone, Address, E-mail address - according to the specificity of the particular purchased item, its adjacent features). By doing so, the Merchant has the status of Joint Administrator of these data, within the meaning of current legislation. As such, he has all the accompanying duties and responsibilities.

4. Providing Personal Data to third parties
The Company does not provide data to third parties except in the following cases:
A. The provision described in the previous article, which is necessary for the purpose of concluding a contract between a Consumer-Buyer and a Merchant-Seller;
B. If we have a legal obligation to disclose or share data;
C. If we have obtained consent from the relevant Data subject;
D. Visitors, Users, and Site Subscribers can be viewed by our site developers as they have full access to our site's files and database for technical improvements to the site. Their duties are to make technical improvements to the site in order to optimize and facilitate the order process and the overall functioning of the site. Optimus Trade Ltd is distinguished in the case of the misuse of personal data.
E. Providing data to courier companies. In order to deliver the shipment to the buyer, Idividi provides data such as (name, address, telephone, shipment content, weight of the shipment) to the courier company with which the consignment will be delivered in particular. For this purpose, the customer (recipient of the consignment) by making a purchase from agrees to have his or her data provided to a third person - a courier company for the purpose of - receiving the shipment. For their part, the courier company, according to their work policy, sends an SMS to the customer, which contains information about the date, the final delivery time of the shipment, the bill of lading number. It is possible for the courier company to try to contact the user by phone to specify the address to which the shipment will be delivered and other details concerning the successful delivery of the shipment.
F. If the consumer-purchaser has made a payment and subsequently this payment is being investigated by a bank or payment institution or a statutory body due to suspicion of a fraudulent or unrecorded payment or an investigation of misuse, the Administrator may provide data to the Consumer-buyer to the relevant a bank or payment institution or a statutory body.
5. Sigurnost na dannite
Ot nasha strana sme vzeli neobkhodimite tekhnicheski i organizatsionni merki, za da garantirame zashtitata na Lichnite Vi danni sreshtu nepravomeren dostŭp ili razkrivane, sluchaĭno ili nezakonno unishtozhavane ili promyana. Informatsiyata v elektronen vid se sŭkhranyava na zashtiteni sŭrvŭri na teritoriyata na Evropeĭskiya sŭyuz, instalirani v profesionalno oborudvano i tekhnicheski poddŭrzhano. Transferŭt na danni mezhdu sŭrvŭrite i klient·skoto ustroĭstvo/brauzŭr se izvŭrshva kriptirano, chrez HTTPS.

6. IP adresi
Kogato Druzhestvoto sŭkhranyava IP adresi na subekti na danni, tova se pravi s tsel pri nuzhda da mozhe da okazhe adekvatno sŭdeĭstvie na potrebitelite pri razlichni obstoyatelstva (naprimer: zabraveni akaunti, dublirani registratsii, nenamereni pokupki, spravki za statusi na pokupki i drugi). IP adresi se sŭkhranyavat v prodŭlzhenie na do 1 godina (tozi period e sŭobrazen da sŭotvet·stva na povedenieto na chast ot auditoriyata na Platformata ot gledna tochka na chestota na pokupki i drugi deĭstviya). IP adresi ne se predostavyat na treti litsa pri nikakvi obstoyatelstva, osven opisanite izklyucheniya v Razdel III.


1. Saĭtŭt ni ,izpolzva biskvitki (cookies) za vremenno sŭkhranenie na malki chastitsi informatsiya, s tsel korektno funktsionirane i predostavyane na maksimalno dobri uslugi. Biskvitkite (cookies) sa „Biskvitkite“ mogat da sŭdŭrzhat proizvolna informatsiya, izbrana ot sŭrvŭra, i se izpolzvat da poddŭrzhat sŭstoyanieto na HTTP tranzaktsiite, koito inache sa „bez sŭstoyanie“. T.nar. "biskvitki" (cookies) ni pomagat (kakto i na drugi upŭlnomoshteni treti litsa) da Vi predostavyame po-relevantno sŭdŭrzhanie. Mozhete izrichno da zabranyavate ili ogranichavate biskvitkite chrez nastroĭkite na Vashiya ueb brauzŭr. Vseki sŭvremenen ueb brauzŭr (Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Edge, Internet Explorer, Safari, Opera i t.n.) dava vŭzmozhnosti za nastroĭki za priemaneto na biskvitki – zabranyavane i razreshavane; preglezhdane na sŭzdadenite biskvitki; iztrivane na sŭzdadeni biskvitki. Vazhno e da imate predvid, che deaktiviraneto na funktsiite za biskvitki v brauzŭra mozhe da dovede do nevŭzmozhnost da izpolzvate uslugite ni.
5. Data security
For our part, we have taken the necessary technical and organizational measures to ensure that your Privacy is protected against unauthorized access or disclosure, accidental or unlawful destruction or alteration. Information in electronic form is stored on secure servers across the European Union, installed in professionally equipped and technically supported. The data transfer between servers and the client / browser is encrypted via HTTPS.

6. IP addresses
When the Company stores IP addresses of data subjects, this is done in order to provide adequate assistance to users in different circumstances (for example: forgotten accounts, duplicate registrations, unintentional purchases, purchase status reports, etc.). IP addresses are stored for up to 1 year (this period is consistent with the behavior of part of the platform's audience in terms of purchase frequency and other actions). IP addresses are not disclosed to third parties in any circumstances other than those described in Section III.


1. Our site uses cookies to temporarily store small pieces of information in order to function properly and to provide the best possible service. Cookies are cookies that may contain any information selected by the server and are used to support the status of HTTP transactions that are otherwise "stateless". T. cookies help us (as well as other authorized third parties) to provide you with more relevant content. You can explicitly ban or restrict cookies through the settings of your web browser. Every modern web browser (Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Edge, Internet Explorer, Safari, Opera, etc.) provides setup options for accepting cookies - banning and resolving; View cookies created delete created cookies. It's important to keep in mind that disabling cookie features in your browser may make it impossible for you to use our services.

1. When registering on the Site

A. Registering on The visitor (Registered user) gets the so-called an account consisting of two directions:
• Profile: A separate part of the Site containing user information required by the Administrator stored with it, used and processed under this Policy. The Registered User user profile is accessed by entering the e-mail address and password specified by the User. The profile also serves the communication between the User and the Administrator.
B. When a user makes his / her registration on the site, it is not necessary for the user-buyer to fill in the mandatory fields when the purchase is made, unless the delivery data differs from the ones already entered in the profile consumer-buyer.

 2. When users post reviews and latices on social networks
In certain cases, the Consumer-buyer has the opportunity to publish his review on the facebook page of in connection with purchased goods through the site. The user feedback published in this way becomes publicly available and publicly visible to all visitors to our facebook page -, including: its content, publisher name, picture and link to the profile itself. If the user leaves a post on the site posted by the administrator on - the official website of, then other users who also visit our facebook page can see his profile and his photos and posts , published publicly.

 3. This site uses the "Custom Audiences" remarketing feature on Facebook Inc. (hereinafter referred to as "Facebook"). It allows users on this site to see ads based on their interests (referred to as "Facebook ads"). Facebook ads are visible to users when visiting the Facebook social network or other sites that also use the feature. Your browser automatically makes a direct connection to Facebook servers as soon as you visit a site from this site. We do not have any liability or any sort of clerk in the subsequent collection and use of Facebook data through this feature, so we inform you according to our level of knowledge and accessibility to Custom Audiences and related services. By integrating Custom Audiences, from Facebook, Facebook receives information about the content you visit on our website. It also gets information about using our Facebook ads based on the same feature. If you are registered to Facebook for the use of Facebook services and products, Facebook will link your visits to your Facebook social profile profile. Even if you are not registered on Facebook or you are not logged in to Facebook with user data from your registration, it is possible that Facebook will record your IP address and other identifying information. You can disable the "Custom Audiences" feature on Facebook by visiting the following address: https: // Tab = ads # _.
4. Google Analytics – Saĭtŭt izpolzva ueb uslugata Google Analytics, koyato dava detaĭlna statistika na administratora na saĭta za posetitelite na saĭta. Takava statistika naprimer mozhe da bŭde za broya posetiteli na saĭta v momenta, za minaliya mesets i n.t, stranitsite, koĭto sa razglezhdani ot potrebitelya, ot kakvo ustroĭstvo potrebitelya na saĭta go e posetil – kompyutŭr, smartfon, tablet ili dr. Kakŭv brauzŭr izpolzva potrebitelya i dr. Tezi danni se izpolzvat ot administratora na saĭta s tsel optimizirane na prodazhbite, izgotvyane na marketingovi strategii i t.n.

5. Nashite marketingovi sŭobshteniya, izprateni po imeĭl - vsichkata sŭbranata informatsiya pri napravenite ot vas porŭchki shte bŭde izpolzvana, za da mozhe da vi predostavim adekvatna informatsiya, za produkti kŭm koito bikhte proyavili interes, promotsii, tomboli i igri. Tselta na tova e da ustanovim kak nashite klienti izpolzvat predlaganite ot nas produkti, za da razvivame nashiyat biznes i zadovolyavame potrebnostite na klientite ni. Vŭzmozhno e da izpolzvame danni za klienta, potrebitelski danni, tekhnicheski danni i marketingovi danni, da predostavyame podkhodyashto sŭdŭrzhanie i reklamni kampanii za nashiyat uebsaĭt na vsichkite ni klienti. Sŭglasno pravilata za zashtita na lichnite danni i elektronnite sŭobshteniya mozhem da Vi izpratim marketingovi sŭobshteniya ot nas, ako ste napravili pokupka ili ste poiskali informatsiya ot nas za nashite stoki ili uslugi i do tozi moment ne ste otkazali da poluchavate takiva sŭobshteniya. Vse pak mozhete da se otkazhete ot poluchavane na marketingovi imeĭli ot nas po vsyako vreme, kato mozhete prosto da kliknete vŭrkhu butona za otkazvane ot uchastie v abonamenta v dolnata chast na vseki imeĭl, koĭto poluchavate ot nas.


1. Poveche informatsiya za nachina na rabota na saĭta mozhete da namerite v Obshtite usloviya za polzvane na saĭta, ot koito Nastoyashtata politika e neizmenna chast.

2. Vsichki eventualni bŭdeshti promeni v nastoyashtata Politika shte bŭdat publikuvani na tazi stranitsa.
4. Google Analytics - The site uses the Google Analytics web service, which provides detailed statistics for site visitors to site visitors. Such statistics, for example, may be for the number of visitors to the site at this time, last month and so on, pages viewed by the user, what device the user has visited on the site - a computer, a smartphone, a tablet, or others. What browser uses the user and others This data is used by the site administrator to optimize sales, develop marketing strategies, and so on.

 5. Our marketing messages sent by email - all the information you collect on your orders will be used to provide you with adequate information about products that you would like to see, promotions, lotteries and games. The purpose of this is to find out how our customers use the products we offer to develop our business and satisfy the needs of our customers. We may use customer data, user data, technical data, and marketing data to provide relevant content and advertising campaigns for our website to all our customers. According to the privacy policy and electronic communications, we may send you marketing communications from us if you made a purchase or requested information from us about our goods or services and you have not yet refused to receive such communications. However, you can opt out of receiving marketing emails from us at any time by simply clicking the opt-out button at the bottom of every email you receive from us.


1. More information on how the site works can be found in the General Terms and Conditions of Use of the Site, from which this policy is an integral part.

2. Any possible future changes to this Policy will be posted on this page.

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